Functions& Catering

    Canapé’s Menu Pricing


    4 X Standard plus 1 x Substantial

    PREMIUM PACKAGE – $44.00

    6 X Standard plus 2 x Substantial

    DELUXE PACKAGE – $54.00

    8 X Standard plus 4 x Substantial

    OPTIONAL (only with one of the above packages)

    – Mini burgers with chips –                   $6.00 p/p
    – Mini tempura fish with chips –          $6.00 p/p
    – Mini risotto vegetarian or seafood – $6.00 p/p

    Platter menu

    Seafood Platter
    Tempura prawns, bbq prawns, salt and pepper calamari, crispy fish finger with tartar sauce or sweet chilli sauce.

    Meat Platter
    Grilled chicken skewers, beef and lamb Cevapi fingers, Rosemary Lamb Pie and Beef Pie, Arancini.

    Vegetarian Platter
    Falafel with chilli sauce or yoghurt sauce, spring rolls, Arancini with spinach and cheese, Samosas.

    Platter pricing
    Recommended each platter caters for four (4) people.
    $80.00 per platter

    Standard Canapes

    1. Cheese and spinach fillo (v)
    2. Falafel with chilli sauce or tzatziki sauce or yoghurt sauce (v)
    3. Spring rolls with vegetable (v)
    4. Tempura petite whiting Fillets
    5. Salt and pepper calamari
    6. Smoked salmon fingers ,creamy cheese aioli sauce
    7. Quiche (variety) (v)
    8. Mushroom Tart (v)
    9. Rosemary Lamb Pie or Beef Pie

    Substantial Canapes

    1. Grilled Chicken Wrapped with Prosciutto (gf)
    2. Tempura prawns with tartar sauce or chilli salsa
    3. Spicy Prawn Skewers (gf)
    4. Salads – Caesar salad, Greek salad (noodle boxes) (gf)
    5. Aranchini vegetarian or meat